WordPress on SQL Server Distro & Patch

There are two ways to get WordPress running on SQL Server and SQL Azure.

  1. Distribution – The easiest way to get started. Includes the most up to date version of WordPress, with the SQL Server patch already applied.
  2. Patch – Includes added and changed files, which can be applied to the bits downloaded from WordPress Downloads.

Once you’ve downloaded the bits check out the Getting Started page.

What about updates? When you’re running WordPress on SQL Server, your installation will ping a different service specific to this patch that only applies updates after testing.

Another way to install – You can also install WordPress on Windows and MySQL using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Featured Plug-ins

Every day, we write new plugins for WordPress using Microsoft technologies.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bing404 – Instead of users getting the default 404 error handling when a page is not found, Bing will be queried for relevant results within your site.  Here’s an article about our experience using the plugin.
  • Windows Azure Blob Storage – With this plugin installed the WordPress Media elements are stored in Windows Azure Blobs instead of the local file system.  One of the really cool things about this is you can take advantage of the Microsoft Content Delivery Network for global caching of your site’s binary data.
  • Incarnate – Download and install the Incarnate WordPress plugin to seamlessly integrate Incarnate with your current blog comments. Incarnate allows your readers to easily add their avatar from popular social-networks to their comments.
  • Silverlight Gallery – This Silverlight gallery plugin allows a smooth integration of a photo album / gallery in your WordPress site. It provides an easy and effective way to expose your photos or images without compromising the Layout and Look and Feel of your site.
  • WP-Oomph – Adds the Oomph Microformats toolkit microformat overlay to any WordPress-generated pages.