WordPress 3.1 Update

We are happy to announce that we have released an update in line with the recent WordPress 3.1 Rheinhardt. It contains some pretty awesome changes that we’d like to make all users aware of. Lets dive in.

  • The patch has been restructured to be a WordPress “must-use” plugin and drop in. What this means is that as a must-use plugin, WordPress will load this plugin earlier than a normal plugin and in different contexts. The drop-in portion allows us to hook into the WordPress database. For current users, all this means is that the patch has been relocated in the WordPress file structure and it now referred to as a plugin instead of a patch.
  • Our plugin no longer touches or overwrites any core WordPress files. This is something that we’ve wanted to accomplish for a while and with the new plugin reorganization and some cleverness we were able to achieve it.
  • As a plugin, we are submitting it to the wordpress.org plugin database where hopefully it will receive more exposure, and allow us to easily provide bug  fixes to the plugin through the dashboard. It should be noted that we still hook into the WordPress upgrade logic and provide downstream upgrades through our own API call. This is done so that we can verify that new WordPress versions are compatible with our must-use database abstraction plugin.  As a reminder to current users and as an explanation to new ones, our plugin is an essential part of your blog installation and we want to make sure that when you upgrade WordPress your blog doesn’t break. Because of the nature of this plugin, it is not something you will be able to download and apply to an existing blog using MySQL, but rather is something you need to have in place before a new installation. What you can do however, is make a WordPress Export file of your current WordPress install using MySQL, create a new install using our plugin and then import the WordPress Export file. There are however no guarantees to the compatibility of plugins you were using and we suggest performing these steps in a test environment first.
  • We are in communication with several other WordPress Plugin authors that provide specific database abstraction within WordPress to contribute and take advantage of our Plugin structure to provide support for additional databases. Look for this soon! Currently we provide support for Microsoft SQL Server/Azure through several drivers including PDO (sqlsrv, mssql, and dblib) and the SQL Server driver for PHP (sqlsrv). We of course provide native MySQL support as well.

To get your hands on a copy of the plugin and learn more about installation instructions please visit our SourceForge project page.

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  1. Harry says:

    alter table wp_posts
    alter column post_title VARCHAR(MAX) NOT NULL

    had to alter this col to get it to work

  2. OmniTI says:


    Your comment has me assuming you are connecting via mssql driver. If this is the case then currently the plugin expects mssql users to be FreeTDS clients mainly connecting from non-windows machines. FreeTDS when properly configured (that means the TDS protocol version set to 8.0, the text size set properly, and the client encoding set properly in the freetds.conf) it works fine with all new features of SQL Server 2005 and 2008 including n* (unicode) column types.

    However, anyone still using mssql on windows (with PHP 5.2 or earlier, this will not even be available in PHP 5.3) is using a deprecated client library from Microsoft that doesn””””t understand unicode (and other features). In the next version of the plugin we can detect if you””””re using Windows with mssql and “turn off” all unicode features.

    This will mean, if you use mssql on Windows, that no unicode functionality will be available and you will not be able to change the character set or collation. The application will be “locked” to windows 1252 for a character set. In addition there are limitations on column name length and other problems that may pop up.

    The best solution is to use pdo_sqlsrv or the sqlsrv extension – both are available precompiled and very easy to install on windows, and you can install them side by side with the mssql extension if you””””re using it for other legacy code.

  3. [...] Vill du installera WordPress på SQL-Server/SQl-Express eller på vår molnplattform Windows Azure så skall du titta på vårt nya stöd för detta i WordPress 3.1. [...]

  4. sadegh says:

    i have a problem with word press on iis7 and sql server 2008 !
    it hase a collation or encoding problem . when a post have some persian or arabic charachters , it stored it in data base table by unknown charachter like: ??U???U?
    i change wp-confid db-collate and db-charset but its not work !

  5. NEO says:

    I””m so happy to hear these news. I””m excited to test it and hoping for new releases in the near future.
    Keep up the good work :D

  6. Jeff says:

    I am trying to setup multi-site on Azure and am having issues with permalinks and the sites are giving a page not found error. Is there anything special that needs to be configured for Azure to run multi-sites?

  7. Rogina says:

    I to am wondering if you can get WP Multi Sites set up in azure.

  8. Xandy says:

    Kf0Q1l Good point. I hadn””t tohuhgt about it quite that way. :)

  9. Mister Mojito says:

    This may sound like a dumb question…
    But can WP 3.1 update be used for creating a multisite with SQL Server?

  10. Shay says:

    Is any more work being done on this project? It seems like the responses about issues are no longer being addressed and the “While we won’t guarantee a particular time frame, we hope to provide downstream upgrades within 2-3 days of when official upgrades are released. If a security vulnerability is found and fixed in an update, the patching process will be escalated to provide a downstream patch as soon as possible.” seems to have gone the route of not caring about security releases as 3.1.2 is a security release.

  11. Robyn says:

    Is there going to be a patch for 3.1.3?? Or should we be installing the one located on WordPress.org??

  12. Ron says:

    There are no distributions for download.

  13. Duncan Mason says:


    We have a load balanced WordPress install running on SQL Server which is on version 3.1. Google Webmaster tools now warns us that our installed version is out of date and has a security vulnerability, are there any updates available for this or do we simply need to use upgrade scripts from WordPress itself?

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  15. Floyd says:

    Can someone assure me that using the microsoft installer will not break our website? I just want to allow a link from our current website to access our own blog while keeping the user in our webspace. The manual way of installing wordpress suggests you create a subdirectory and set it up from there. I keep trying, but so far it hasn”t worked for me. I used the installer on another server and I was able to run WordPress on it in seconds as the installer did all the hard work..

    So, will installing WordPress using the installer from Microsoft behave?
    Thanks to anyone who helps.

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  24. hurray I have successfully updated my wordpress version to 3.1
    good :)

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