How WordPress Updates Work when Running the WordPress on SQL Server Patch

We had a hard time deciding how to handle the WordPress upgrade.  At first we thought patching the WordPress provided upgrade files with our own upgrade files might work.  But this would require a lot of comparing and diffing files, which is at best guesswork.  Even the most advanced tools often get things wrong.  In addition, the upgrade files often make schema changes. Trying to automate the mappings between different database vendors would be a nightmare.  Trying to automate patching upgrade files would have been simply too error prone and there would be no intermediate check to ensure our translations worked with new versions of WordPress.

Instead we decided to adopt the Linux Distribution approach to upgrading.  Take an upstream application, apply patches, test, and provide it to downstream consumers in a reasonable amount of time.  WordPress normally makes an API call at scheduled intervals to check for newer versions.  We’ve simply replaced that API call.  This means that the user of WordPress is informed of a new update when we have completed our process of applying the patch to the new WordPress, with any necessary changes, testing the patch, and packaging the changes for the user.  This means that the user gets a ready to run version every time a new release is made.

How long will it take for you to supply an upgrade once WordPress has released a new version?

While we won’t guarantee a particular time frame, we hope to provide downstream upgrades within 2-3 days of when official upgrades  are released. If a security vulnerability is found and fixed in an update, the patching process will be escalated to provide a downstream patch as soon as possible.

How will I be notified of WordPress updates?

In the same way you currently are. Dashboard upgrade notifications will remain as they are, but are simply triggered by when we release updates as opposed to the official WordPress channels.

What about updates to plugins?

Plugin updates will remain unchanged and you will be notified about them in normal WordPress fashion. It should be noted that the patch does not guarantee compatibility with plugins. If you are experiencing issues with a particular plugin,feel free to let us know and we will see what we can do to provide support for the plugin through our translations layer. Additionally,you may contact the plugin developer and request consideration for use of queries that are less MySQL specific.

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  1. [...] don’t see an option to upgrade to 3.0 in your WordPress Admin. Anthony Gentile from OmniTI wrote this article explaining how the upgrade process works when you’re running the WordPress on SQL Server [...]

  2. [...] How WordPress Updates Work when Running the WordPress on SQL Server Patch [...]

  3. Do you have an update on the potential release date of the WordPress 3.0 build running on MSSQL? We have already setup one client with the Beta 0.8.8 build without issue and it””s running in production perfectly so far. Just wondering how the developement is going on the WordPress 3.0 code base. We haven””t seen anything new since the “A Hacker Chick’s Take on WordPress” post a month ago. Please keep us all in the loop and I must say thank you for all the effects thus far in making this solution a reality.


    Matt Adasczik
    Systems Engineer
    Fusionapps, LLC

  4. OmniTI says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks, I””m glad the patch has helped you.
    We wrote an article about the status of the patch with WP 3.0 here:

    We have preview release available on sourceforge here:

    …we plan on releasing the patch for WP 3.0 + PDO support officially here shortly (hopefully this week)

  5. A favorite feature is the SQL dynamically-configured memory. It expands or contracts as necessary.

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