A Day In The Life of a WordPress User

Folks always seem surprised when I tell them I run this blog on WordPress. Many geeks I know have rolled their own blog engine, and probably even rewritten it 3-5 times. How could I settle for something so simple?

At first I was reluctant to try WordPress since I was, let’s say, a little partial to Microsoft technologies. But once I learned how many folks around here were working on making it easy to run WordPress on top of the Microsoft stack, I felt better about it.

Here’s a little about getting started with Microsoft on WordPress. And a little about what makes WordPress so great.

Getting Started

If you go to the download page on this site, you see that it’s easy to get up and running with WordPress on Microsoft. We even have a Getting Started page to walk you through the details.


I have to admit, I love themes; the WordPress community feeds that addiction. I love that I can find themes everywhere, free and at cost.

smashingmagazine themeforest woothemes

I also like that themes are not only visual, but often include plugins and functions.php.

Live Writer

My world is not WordPress only (and kids, there is nothing wrong with that); I use other blog engines, too, and need to be able to create content for them. But I’m lazy. I don’t want to have to use a different posting method for each blog. So I use Windows Live Writer,a windows-based client that lets me easily post to whatever blog platform I need to.

I can create my post,save it as a draft, define tags, set publish date, check spelling, etc. And it comes with a ton of cool plug-ins, including one that lets you create picture collections.



I’m amazed at all the plug-ins the WordPress community has built. Every time I think I need to write functionality into my blog, it turns out “there’s a plug-in for that.” My team at MIX Online created one such plug-in for our Incarnate lab, which allows you to extend identity for comments beyond Gravatar to include other social sites like MySpace, XBOX, Twitter, etc.


Take Your Skills to the Next Level with WordPress

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr, who wrote a book and PDF called Digging into WordPress. Once you’re comfortable creating content, this book will take you to the next level with great plug-in recommendations and answers to those “I wonder how I can…” questions.



I’m excited to be part of the WordPress community, and especially stoked to hang out with other WordPress heads at WordCamp San Francisco. If you see me there, please say hello. I’d love to know how you’re using WordPress and what we can do to make WordPress on Microsoft better.

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