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Latest Writings

Anthony Gentile

WordPress 3.1 Update

We are happy to announce that we have released an update in line with the recent WordPress 3.1 Rheinhardt. It contains some pretty awesome changes that we’d like to make all users aware of. Lets dive in. The patch has been restructured to be a WordPress “must-use” plugin and drop in. What this means is […]

Abby Fichtner

A Hacker Chick’s Take on WordPress

I’ve been doing The Hacker Chick Blog for a couple of years. I write about how we can develop better software. About how we can take technology and push it beyond its limits to create wonderful new things that its creators never dreamed possible. This, of course, is not the type of thing one can […]

Zach Owens

WordPress 3.0 for SQL Server & SQL Azure Status

The release of WordPress 3.0 has made this an exciting week for the WordPress community. We’ve been working with the Beta and RC’s for the past few months and we love it! One of the things I really like about open source projects is the recognition individuals get for their contributions.  I think it’s great […]

Anthony Gentile

How WordPress Updates Work when Running the WordPress on SQL Server Patch

We had a hard time deciding how to handle the WordPress upgrade.  At first we thought patching the WordPress provided upgrade files with our own upgrade files might work.  But this would require a lot of comparing and diffing files, which is at best guesswork.  Even the most advanced tools often get things wrong.  In […]